Spam through a FORM

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form spamRecently our support department received a mail from a client regarding receiving spam through an on-line form on their website and we thought it deserves a mention as others may be experiencing similar issues  My first thoughts were how easy it actually is to code a small script to submit a form bringing back memories of coding similar scripts back in 2003.

Of course Captcha followed and more and more sites added Captcha to there on-line forms and the issue appeared to be resolved.  Now there’s more and more published cracks of Captcha code and the issue returns.  Our response to our client was the following potential solutions:

1. Generate the form through Javascript which will prevent scripts and non browser users from viewing the form.  Down side is reduced accessibility.
2. The receiving script should validate the form was sent from your website using a combination of MD5 hash + date.  Down side some intelligent scripts may process the form on your website to bypass.
3. Use a captcha to ensure users need to enter graphic code to submit the form.  Down side captcha is becoming easier to crack through code.
4. Add a script that will time the form completion to identify robots or human completion.  Down side some visitors may use auto-complete resulting in false positives.

Not an extensive list more of ideas to reduce spam through the form and I will discuss this with our coders to see if we could publish some code that helps reduce spam through FORM’s.


Top 10 reasons most websites fail!

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failed website imageBeing in the web development and SEO world for over ten years you start to notice certain pattens forming in both human behaviour and how and why some websites fail. So with this in mind todays post gives a top 10 list of the reasons we have found most sites fall flat.

  1. Underestimating the true design cost: Going for a low cost solution is not always the best approach the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true here.
  2. Content is king: Content is everything are you a professional copywriter, you may know your business but do you understand the buying triggers and call to action of well presented content?
  3. SEO Market Need: Have you researched your market, is their a need for your product or service?  Do your keywords and key phase deliver consistent high traffic. Continue reading “Top 10 reasons most websites fail!” »

Top 10 E-commerce tips

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e-commerce picture

Experience is the best teacher so here is the list of top tips for e-commerce website, feel free to comment if you so wish.

  1. Research – Can you compete in price and service with similar products already being sold through the Internet.
  2. Time – It can take time to establish an on-line shop so set a reasonable time scale to measure success and don’t give up too early.
  3. Search – Get the site registered in the search engines as soon as possible, if the site is new it could be sand boxed before good placement is seen. Continue reading “Top 10 E-commerce tips” »

Top 10 tips for copy writing

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content writingGoogle has updated its algorithm once again bringing the usual pain and pleasure to website owners, one of the key changes was to reward good quality content and to de-value copied or poor content.  So what a great time to publish our original content top 10 tips for copy writing.

  1. Audience – Write for your audience in a manner and style they can relate to, try not to dictate and write in a style as if you were talking to a friend.
  2. Story – Everyone likes a good story try to tell a story with your writing using real experiences where possible. Continue reading “Top 10 tips for copy writing” »

Get site Inlinks from Yahoo without API

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PHP award nomineeSince the Bing and Yahoo merger its been uncertain as to the continuation of the Yahoo API for site explorer. During a recent project we mashed up a PHP class that could get the inlinks for a given site without using the API.

Take a look at the PHP source @ PHP Classes