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The impact of design invokes response, be that emotional or judgemental, some say its about expression and others think of design as purely an arrangement of colours and shapes. Whatever you think there is an overall purpose to the statement of a design. The statement of web design should always be grounded to an overall purpose leading to a planned objective, which could be ‘buy your goods here’ or ‘look at us we are the corporate business company your looking for’.

Think about the websites you have visited, the ones you buy from and the ones you don’t, why? We know why and that’s what we are good at, getting the key messages and purpose across to what remains a fickle target audience.

We research your target audience and design around a planned marketing visual that sets the expectation when a potential client visits your website. We call the next step as the ‘marketing journey’ as we deliver a taster and build interest with the site visitor keeping them on your website and away from your competitors.

Web visitors are worthless if they just window shop and that’s why our design strategy results in the industry term ‘call to action’, its when people stop looking and actually do something, which could be contact you or make a purchase.

Okay we could talk all day about how much we know about internet marketing and design, although I’m sure you would like to know what sets us apart from the crowd, so here it is in a sentence:

‘We are the good guys who listen to you and create the best solution for you through trust and communication’

That’s it in a sentence, which we believe should be said in a sentence not an essay.

So how do we design, let me explain, we take your logo, if you have one and draw colours from that source or if you don’t have a logo we consider the best colours that would suit your industry, have a look at our recent designs to get an idea of where we are coming from.

Images are key to initial perception, people see images before reading any content, that’s why we consider images a primary impact solution in our designs. We can take days before finding the right image for your website, however a picture is worth a thousand words. the right image always sells more.

The design process develops through initial graphic proof moving through to website proof, we take our best proof work and show you, then discuss the good and the bad before moving onto the next proof, remember your in control, we are only here to professionally advise.

All our designs meet the International standards laid down by the W3C, which is basically a worldwide organisation that sets the standards of good website design, they do this to ensure that websites will consistently look the same and function correctly across all Internet browsers and mediums.

Accessibility is close to our hearts in that regardless of visual impairment all websites should be accessible. We deliver this objective through text representation of design and ensure that all our websites meet authorised guidelines.

You may have questions, we don’t do hard sell, so why not have a chat today with our experienced team by contacting us through our contact section.