Internet Marketing

seo graphSo what is all the fuss, Internet marketing, SEO, top of the rankings and many other terms to get your hard earned cash.

Okay here’s the truth, you may already have worked this out yourself, Google takes over 60% of Internet searches, so it makes sense to be top in them, they deliver as standard ten results a page so to be on page one you have ten chances, nearer the top should get more website visitors as most searchers select from the top 3.

Here’s the reality check, I’m sure there is more than ten competitors in your industry and they could have a bigger marketing budget than you, if they have forget it, you have no chance, money badly spend, like advertising in a newspaper that never gets delivered.

Or is it?, do you know how many sentence terms (key phrases) of what you sell or deliver there is? Nobody not even your competitors can hope to capture them all, there is the opportunity for you, to drive website traffic to your site through search terms that are more specific to your products and services.

Working with Sector 3 IT’s Internet marketing programmes gives you the edge and the little guy can win. We research your industry on the Internet and work with you to establish keywords that empower you to compete.

The time is now for your company as factors like age of your website and age of links to your website make your site more important.

Contact Sector 3 IT today to discuss how we can drive more Internet sales to your business.