Our Service

With Sector 3 IT you get the full service, we start by conducting an analysis of your website and deliver a free report of our findings and recommendations including search engine compatibility, legislation compliance, w3c standards and design cross data effects.

Through the next stage we agree the project plan with you assigning measurable results and milestones. We then train all necessary stakeholders in the use of the 3Scape CMS.

After your new website goes live we continue with telephone, email and discussion forum support of 3Scape. We manage security of your website product as well as the software management and maintenance, backups of your site are completed each night.

sector 3 it serversWebsite Hosting

By hosting your website we provide full security of your website and are best positioned to react quickly to support issues and maintenance requests

We are experts in our own software and know the demands 3Scape makes on hardware, network and software. We use only proven hardware with our web servers and custom install the OS and software to project 3Scape from the best possible platform.

Our hosting web servers are built secure and we maintain integrity through security procedures and secure policy. We monitor our systems to alert us of high loads and demands and auto switch to contingency and redundancy measures when needed. All our client data is included within a daily backup which can be restored if needed by the client. We ensure that all client e-commerce transactions are encrypted and are not accessible to our staff.

Of course all of this is transparent to our clients, who directly benefit from maximised uptime of their website.