How much does a new website cost?

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website design costGood question and the answer can usually depend on who you ask.  We have put together this guide to allow some sort of gauge to the potential cost of your project.  Before we enter the break down we should stress that any new website ventures success is measured on results and achieving your overall objectives.  So lets start with the basic considerations that fundamentally affect a projects cost: (more…)

Kristek Precision Limited

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Kristek Precision workshop

Kristek Presision Limited have been developing CNC Machined components since 1987 operating from a factory in Melksham Wilshire of 700sq/m. Acredited to BS ISO 9001:2000 standards the company is highly regarded within the Power Generation, Automotive and Petrol Chemical Analytical Testing industries. Producing prototype and small to medium batch production work to a very high standard and at a competitive price through consistent investment in CNC turning and machining centres. (more…)

Colourful Thoughts

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colourful thoughts website pictureThe Web people you should be working with Having worked with various website companies not one has provided a level of service and committment that meets that of Sector 3 IT. Regular communication meant constant peace of mind and outstanding customer service. Sector 3 IT are the only Web people you should be considering. Thanks to the team for your efforts to bring our site in on time and on budget.


Swindon Engineer Supplies Limited

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Office & Warehouse move - SES Ltd

swindon network cablesAs a leading supplier of abrasives and tooling to national industry, the growth of our company lead to relocation of our warehouse and office facilities to larger premise. Our primary need was to be operational within the shortest time possible after the logistical processes had been completed.

Our company has a large dependence on our IT and computer infrastructure and finding the right supplier was crucial to ‘hit the ground running’ after the move of our equipment. (more…)

Take control of your website

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take control of your websiteThe impact of design invokes response, be that emotional or judgemental, some say its about expression and others think of design as purely an arrangement of colours and shapes. Whatever you think there is an overall purpose to the statement of a design. The statement of web design should always be grounded to an overall purpose leading to a planned objective, which could be ‘buy your goods here’ or ‘look at us we are the corporate business company your looking for’. (more…)